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Proserpinaca palustris InVitro

Proserpinaca palustris InVitro
Proserpinaca palustris InVitro
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Proserpinaca palustris from the family Haloragaceae originates from Cuba and can grow to a height of 10 cm - 40 cm. It is cultivated above the water where it has saw-toothed leaves. After a period of time within an aquarium the leaves transform into long, finely denticulate, needle-like leaves. When light condition are beneficial Proserpinaca palustris 'Cuba' turns a stunning copper colour. It is this unique characteristic that sets it apart from other plants and produces a nice contrast within your aquarium. Low nitrate levels and high light produces the best amounts of red coloration in the leaves. Higher nitrate levels will bring out the light green colorations. Proserpinaca palustris varies in form according to its origin. The Tropica cultivar is found on the Isla de la Juventud off Cuba. 'Mermaid weed' is the common name used for Proserpinaca palustris within the USA.

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