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Orange Finned Clown

Orange Finned Clown
Orange Finned Clown

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Care Level
Color / Form
Black with white lines
Omnivore, Brine
Geographic Region
Indo Pacific
Max Size
Reef Compatible
Tank Size
050 Lt.
Water Conditions
Fish:PH:8.1-8.4, Sg:1.020-1.02
General Information
Common Name Seba's Anemonefish
Family Pomacentridae
Latin Name Amphiprion Sabae

The Orange-finned Clownfish is also known as the Bluestripe Clownfish and Orangefin Anemonefish. It has a reddish-brown base color with two light blue stripes, one behind the eyes, and one at the middle of the body. The entire tail is light blue also. Orange dominates the face, dorsal fin, and pectoral fins. The remainder of the body can vary from dark orange to black.

A 90 litre or larger aquarium that has no other clownfish is desirable. It is semi-aggressive towards other clownfish and passive tank mates.

An Anemone host such as Entacmaea quadricolor or Heteractis crispa, or a bulb anemone is preferred, but not required to help the clownfish acclimate.

Tank raised clownfish are very hardy and durable fish making them a perfect addition for the novice or seasoned aquarist.

If introduced to the aquarium at the same time, many varieties of tank raised clowns can be maintained together in the aquarium.

The Orange-finned Clownfish diet consists of meaty items as well as herbivore preparations.

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