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Maroon Clown - Medium

Maroon Clown - Medium
Maroon Clown - Medium
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Care Level
Color / Form
Pink with White stripe
Omnivore, Brine
Geographic Region
Coral Sea, Fiji, Indo-Pacific
Max Size
Reef Compatible
Tank Size
050 Lt.
Water Conditions
Fish:PH:8.1-8.4, Sg:1.020-1.02
General Information
Common Name False Skunk-striped Clownfish,
Family Pomacentridae
Latin Name Amphiprion Perideraion

White Stripe Maroon Clownfish are often pugnacious and may re-aquascape your tank for you. They are the largest of the clownfish and are known for spawning in the home aquarium.

Do not mix this species with any other clownfish as they will likely harass and even kill other clownfish.

Clownfish are often admired when seen hosting in an anemone. Clownfish and Anemones do not need each other in order to survive or live happily. Because Anemones require intense lighting and a very stable environment in a well established reef aquarium, it is often better to choose host that requires lesser maintenance for the clownfish.

Diet: Clownfish will accept just about any type of marine based diet you offer them. Feed a varied diet including frozen mysis shrimp, raw shrimp, silversides, flake, pellet and other commercially prepared foods. If hosting in an anemone or coral, the clownfish may take food back to its host and feed it.

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