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Sea Slugs

Sea Slugs, sometimes called Nudibranchs, display vivid colors and an unusual body shape. Typically found in tropical reefs, their most notable characteristic is the pair of stalked rhinophores or horns at the head of the Slug. Not all Nudibranchs are suited to home aquarium as they have diets that can not be replicated at home.

Model: Berghia
A. stephanieae..
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Model: CC115L
The Lettuce Sea Slug is an unusual and entertaining addition to the reef aquarium. It has highly folded parapodia (side appendages), which give it a ruffled appearance similar to lettuce. The Lettuce Sea Slug is captivating not only for its interesting shape but also for its purposeful and comical m..
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Model: CC114S
The colour of the spotted sea hare is very variable, from pale gray to green, to dark brown. There are almost always large black rings on the mantle. Aplysia dactylomela is commonly found in shallow waters, tide pools and rocky and sandy substrates, they also will be found feeding in beds of seagras..
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