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Rays / Sharks

Sharks and Rays for home aquariums come from around the coral reefs in the oceans. They are available as small specimens or even as eggs and then grow into their aquarium. They both have specialist needs and need to have their food enriched to give them the required vitamins needed for then to thrive in an aquarium. Most Sharks and Rays will out grow even large aquariums.

Model: VE106S
The Blue Dot Stingray is also called the Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray and Bluespotted Stingray. It is an attractive bottom dwelling fish. It has a tan body with blue spots and stays relatively small, but requires a 600 litre or larger aquarium as an adult. The Blue Dot Stingray requires sand as the s..
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Model: VE107L
The Shark Egg is hardy. Due to its availability, the Black Banded Cat Shark is the most common shark kept in an aquarium. It normally has a cream-colored body with broad, dark brown stripes and the adult reaches a length of 3-5 feet. As an adult, it requires at least a 400 litre or larger aquarium...
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