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Mysis Shrimps

Mysis Shrimps
Mysis Shrimps

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Color / Form
20 cm - 80 cm
25 cm - 60 cm
Geographic Region
West Africa
Reef Compatible
Water Conditions
20 - 30 o C
General Information
Family Nymphaeaceae

This Mysis Shrimps are bred in brackish water with 12g sea salt per litre. So this Mysis can live in fresh water for several days. This very small shrimp is the preferred nourishment for sea horses. Recently caught sea horses will often only accept this live food. All other aquarium animals, which are able to manage this delicacy, will express their gratitude to their carers for this high value food by remaining healthy and increasing their readiness to reproduce.

Feed in conjunction with your regular dry foods to provide your fish with the added nutrition and proteins they need for good health, colour and growth.

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