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Live Brine Adult Brine Shrimp

Live Brine Adult Brine Shrimp
Live Brine Adult Brine Shrimp
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Live Brine Shrimp are another very nutritious food which, as it's name suggests, is raised in salt water.

Most fish are attracted to brine shrimp, especially marines, so this is a great all-round food.

It is suitable for feeding to tropicals also but we recommend that if you plan to feed a lot of it it is best to sieve it through a net first and give it a bit of a rinse. This is just because of the amount of salt you would end up introducing to your freshwater tank over a period of time.

Feed in conjunction with your regular dry foods to provide your fish with the added nutrition and proteins they need for good health, colour and growth.

We get regular fresh deliveries of live daphnia, bloodworm and brine shrimp every Thursday, and all livefood orders are dispatched that day 1st class.

Each bag measures approximately 20cm tall. They're filled half water and half air, with a standard amount of livefood in each bag. Sizes and amounts may vary from bag to bag.

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