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KZ Iron Concentrate

KZ Iron Concentrate
KZ Iron Concentrate
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By using KZ iron you can enhance all colours of your corals but primarily affects the green colour formation. Iron helps towards a healthy coral growth and also the multiplication of zooxanthella.

It's quite vital to be extra careful with the use of iron because although it increases the coral growth, it also increases the growth of algae. When the coral tissue becomes darker this indicates that too much iron has been added. For instance, if your yellow corals start having a green shimmer it means that too much iron has been supplied. Stop dosing and wait for the coral to regain it vibrant yellow colour. On the contrary, if your bright red coral turns pale pink means that iron is needed.

In most instances dosing twice weekly 1 drop per 100ltr should be sufficient.

Well suited for all kind of corals.

Recommended in any tank system.



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