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KZ Amino Acid LPS

KZ Amino Acid LPS
KZ Amino Acid LPS
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KZ Amino Acid LPS is high quality coral food especially for large polyp stony corals (LPS) and soft corals, e.g. Cynarina, Blastomussa, Welsophyllia, Symphyllia, Musidae, Fungia, Heliofungia etc.

Long-term use of the product will result in healthy corals with vibrant colours that are highly resilient to diseases. Among the benefits you get by using KZ Amino Acid LPS are: 

- Increase growth by up to 100%

- Promote tank bulging polyp extension

- Aid the healing and repair of lacerated tissues

- Heighten and intensify LPS coral colours

Shake well before use. Dosing: 1ml per 200l/day



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