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Juwel Warm-Lite 36 W T8

Juwel Warm-Lite 36 W T8
Juwel Warm-Lite 36 W T8
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The Juwel Warm-Lite T8 fluorescent tube creates a warm and natural light. The special Warm-Lite light spectrum promotes plant photosynthesis, whilst highlighting the green colours in your aquarium.
When used in conjunction with the JUWEL Day-Lite, the Warm-Lite is perfect for creating a complete sun spectrum.

The Juwel Warm-Lite has a special light spectrum of 2900 Kelvin to promote the growth of live plants in the aquariums. For Freshwater planted tank we recommend following lighting combinations: Warm + Day.

Juwel Warm-Lite T8 Tubes are available for all sizes of Aquariums.

To take full advantage of the tubes you should install the Warm-Lite in the back of your light fixture and the Day-Lite at the front of your light unit to enable optimum lighting balance and plant growth.

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