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Juwel Pump 280

Juwel Pump 280
Juwel Pump 280
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  • Model: JU85551
  • EAN: 4022573855517

Pump name: Juwel Pump 280
Pump Capacity: 280 l/ph
Wattage: 4.5
Suits filters Juwel Bioflow Mini & Bioflow Super System
Suits Aquariums Juwel Korall 60, , Rekord 600 & 700, Vio 40

The Juwel Pump 280 has a capacity of up to 280 l/h and was specially designed for use in the Juwel Compact Super internal filter. It stands out from the crowd with its high performance for a relatively low power input.
As you would expect, the Juwel Pump 280 fulfils the highest safety standards and is TÜV/GS certified.

If the water from your pump seems to be reduced the filter media clogs and as such the water quantity passing through the filter is reduced. This can be seen by a reduction in the water level inside the filter box. The capacity of the pumps is designed to have sufficient reserves to cope with this. Hint: Check the water level in the filter housing during the weekly replacement of the white poly pad. The weekly maintenance of this white poly pad should restore the level.

All Juwel filters that have 400,600 & 1000 circulation pumps can be interchanged to increase or decrease the flow rates as required. The only exceptions are the 280 and 1500 circulation pumps that cannot be interchanged.

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