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Juwel Day-Lite 25W T8

Juwel Day-Lite 25W T8
Juwel Day-Lite 25W T8

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  • Model: JU86125
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Care Level
Color / Form
18 - 23
Geographic Region
Max Size
2.5 cm
Reef Compatible
4 - 14
Tank Size
10 - 50 litres
4 - 14
Water Conditions
0 - 10
General Information
Common Name Orange Sakura Shrimp
Family 80 - 200
Latin Name Neocaridina heteropoda vOrange

The Juwel Day-Lite makes the most of the natural colours in your aquarium. The specific Day-Lite spectrum is perfect for clear white light for your fish and plants.

The Juwel Day-Lite ensures optimum luminosity in your aquarium. The special light spectrum of 6500 Kelvin in the Day-Lite T8 fluorescent lamp makes the most of the natural colours of your animal and plant world. For Freshwater we recommend following lighting combinations: Colour + Day.

Juwel Day-Lite T8 Tubes are available for all sizes of Aquariums.

To take full advantage of the tubes you should install the Colour-Lite in the front of your light fixture and the Day-Lite at the back of your light unit to enable optimum lighting balance and plant growth.

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