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Juwel Bioflow 8.0 - Jumbo

Juwel Bioflow 8.0 - Jumbo
Juwel Bioflow 8.0 - Jumbo

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  • Model: 87070
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Color / Form
Green, Purple, Brown, Blue
Water Conditions
22-26° c, ALK 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4
General Information
Latin Name Tridacna maxima

Filter Name: Juwel Bioflow 8.0 - Standard
Volume Approx: 8 Litres
Filter Size L X W X H: 22.5 X 15.5 X 53.2 cm
Pump used: 1000 Lph

The Juwel Bioflow Internal filter system, which has undergone several tests by independent institutions, has long been one of the world leaders in filter systems for modern aquariums and has proved its worth a million times over.

The JUWEL Bioflow filter system stands out from the crowd with its extra-large filter volumes. This gives plenty of room for excellent mechanical, chemical and biological filtering and ensures a long filter service life and longer service intervals. The filter's design offers you easy access to the pump and heater and the use of special filter cages makes it easy to remove and clean the filter media.

Juwel Bioflow filter system's unique bipolar current principle makes it possible to achieve different flow velocities, which helps to create the extraordinarily high filtering performance of the Bioflow system. For mechanical and chemical filtering in the upper part of the filter, a relatively fast flow velocity is particularly useful. A slower flow velocity, on the other hand, is useful in the lower part of the filter, to ensure optimum development of anaerobic bacteria, which are vital for biological filtering.

Juwel Bioflow filters come fitted with a highly efficient, silent Eccoflow circulation pump, with performance adjusted to the size of the filter system using scientific criteria. Bioflow Filters are also compatible for use with JUWEL heaters, which are perfectly embedded in the water circulation, ensuring an even distribution of heat through all areas of your aquarium.

The Bioflow filter system does not rely on hose connections which can reduce performance, often leading to leakages. The Bioflow system is the safest way of filtering the water in your aquarium.

Every Bioflow filter system comes fitted with six top-quality filter media:

  • The poly pad catches coarse particles of dirt in the water, thereby serving as a mechanical pre-filter.
  • The carbon sponge absorbs odour compounds and turbidity as well as toxic compounds, leaving you with crystal-clear water. In this way, it acts as a chemical filter.
  • Nitrax is a biological filter medium containing specialist micro-organisms to break down poisonous metabolites (ammonium/nitrite) in your aquarium, thus reducing the danger of fish mortality. What's more, Nitrax reduces the growth of algae by anaerobically breaking down nitrates, thus supporting the vitality of your fish.
  • The coarse sponge is used for mechanical filtering and makes it easier for bacteria to establish themselves in the aerobic zone.
  • Optional: Cirax / Phorax

  • Cirax is an organic filter medium which creates the optimum conditions for useful bacteria to settle, due to its large, highly porous surface.
  • Phorax is a highly effective filter medium used to break down phosphates in your aquarium.
  • The fine sponges are used mainly for biological filtering in the anaerobic zone.
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