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JBL Tabis

JBL Tabis
JBL Tabis
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Premium class food tablets with exclusive ingredients
• Food tablets attach to the glass of the aquarium.
• Contain 10 % high-protein deep-sea krill.
• With 6 % healthy spirulina algae.
• Free of water-polluting binding agents.

Product description
JBL TABIS premium tablets, the exceptionally nutritious fish food tablets containing only the best natural raw materials, are a special treat for all aquarium fish. A high proportion of krill and spirulina as well as 10% freeze-dried feed organisms ensure healthy growth and naturally enhance the splendour of the fishes’ colouring. The raw materials are finely ground using a special process which, together with the balanced combination of nutrients, ensures good digestibility and prevents undue pollution of the water.

A balanced multivitamin complex with stabilised vitamin C strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of disease. JBL TABIS adhere easily to the inside of the aquarium or can be dropped onto the floor of the aquarium as required. Feed several times a day with as many tablets as can be consumed within 10 – 15 minutes. Staple food; with antioxidant E306 (natural Vit. E extracts).

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