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JBL Spirulina 100ml

JBL Spirulina 100ml
JBL Spirulina 100ml
JBL Spirulina 100ml
JBL Spirulina 100ml
JBL Spirulina 100ml
JBL Spirulina 100ml
JBL Spirulina 100ml
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Special flakes for algae grazers in freshwater and saltwater
• Premium Spirulina flakes with 40 % protein-rich Spirulina algae (Spirulina platensis).
• Spirulina platensis has a protein content of over 65 %!
• Special ingredient: with extremely finely ground whole shrimp for perfect acceptance!
• Garlic (1 %) promotes the health of the fish. Although it is not part of their natural diet, it contains similar active ingredients
• • Particularly low phosphate content, especially for vegetable food!
• • Medium-sized flakes

Product description
Professional feeding of algae-eating fish in freshwater and saltwater with JBL Spirulina.
JBL Spirulina contains gently spray-dried algae (spirulina platensis), vegetable raw material and plant fibre, yet also has a small proportion of animal proteins specially balanced to meet the specific feeding habits of algae-grazing fish in freshwater and saltwater (e.g. live-bearers in freshwater, surgeon fish in saltwater). When grazing on algae beds, these fish regularly consume small animal organisms (2 % shrimp). Over 4000 proven vital substances in Spirulina algae as well as essential carotenoids promote health and fast, long-lasting natural colouring. Essential minerals and vitamins ensure healthy growth and increased resistance to diseases. In addition, garlic (1 %) promotes growth.
Algae ( incl. 40 % spirulina platensis), vegetables ( incl. 1 % garlic), cereals, vegetable protein extracts, molluscs and crustaceans(2 % shrimp), fish, vegetable by-products, yeast, sugar, lecithin.
Recommended feeding
Feed the fish twice or three times a day with only as much food as the fish can consume within a few minutes. Young fish should be fed more frequently..

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