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Jbl Novotab 100ml

Jbl Novotab 100ml
Jbl Novotab 100ml
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Tablet food for all aquarium fish • Food tablets attach to the glass of the aquarium. • Free of water-polluting bonding agents. • 10 % high-quality freeze-dried feed animals. • 80 % animal protein and 20 % vegetable protein. • Ideal diet for mainly carnivorous fish Product description JBL NovoTab meets the specific feeding requirements of omnivorous ground-feeding fish and fish of the middle water levels with a specially balanced mixture of high-grade ingredients including 10% freeze-dried animal organisms: fish and fish by-products, cereals, vegetables, yeasts, vegetable by-products, insects, crustacea, algae as well as eggs and egg byproducts. Attaching the tablet to the inside surface of the aquarium tank meets the requirements of fish feeding in the middle water levels. Simply allowing a few tablets sink to the bottom of the aquarium provides armoured catfish and other omnivorous ground-feeding fish with feed in a way which suits their natural feeding habits. Vital vitamins as well as the bioelement Inosite guarantee healthy growth and increase resistance to disease. The feed can be given several times a day, in small portions which can be consumed within a few minutes. Staple food; coloured with E-additives. With antioxidant E306 (natural vitamin E extracts)

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