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Jbl Novopleco Xl 5,5l

Jbl Novopleco Xl 5,5l
Jbl Novopleco Xl 5,5l
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Extra large food chips for algae grazers • Specially designed for algae/plant grazing plecos. • Particularly hard chips which have to be gnawed (as in the wild). • With 10 % wood fibre which many plecos need for digestion. • Retain their shape in water i.e. the chips do not disintegrate and cloud the water. • Approx. 4x bigger than so “normal” JBL NovoPleco Chips. Product description JBL NovoPleco XL food chips are made in a special production process to retain maximum nutrients. The ingredients, size and structure are specially selected to meet the nutritional needs of plant-grazing armoured catfish (Plecostomus, Hypostomus etc.) and other plant-eating ground-dwellers. Wheat germ, spirulina algae, a high proportion of green vegetable matter and 10 % vital wood fibres provide the correct nutrition for this species. The chips sink quickly to the floor of the aquarium where these fish live. As JBL NovoPleco XL retains its shape in water, fish which are slow to eat have sufficient time to feed without the water becoming unnecessarily polluted. Stabilised vitamin C and other vitamins promote resistance to disease. Recommendation for feeding: Feed the fish once or twice a day, (if necessary, at night too), with as much JBL NovoPleco XL as the fish can consume within approx. 20 minutes. Since the chips are stable for up to 24 hours without disintegrating, a few chips which are not eaten are not a problem.

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