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Jbl Novofex 100ml

Jbl Novofex 100ml
Jbl Novofex 100ml
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Vacuum freeze-dried tubifex cubes

• High protein content fortifies weakened fish.
• Armoured catfish (Corydoras) love rooting in the gravel for hidden NovoFex cubes.
• Vacuum production process preserves the valuable nutrients.

Product description
JBL NovoFex is an ideal supplement to the diet of all aquarium fish. The ingredients are carefully freeze-dried to preserve all the important nutrients of the live feed. JBL NovoFex is readily eaten by even the most fastidious of fish species and provides a nutritious treat for all freshwater and saltwater fish. The high content of essential proteins and unsaturated fatty acids promotes healthy growth in young fish. The feed can be given several times a day, in small portions which can be consumed within a few minutes. Offer your fish variety with other types of feed from the wide range of JBL feeds. Single feed, free of colourings and preservatives

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