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Jbl Krill 100ml

Jbl Krill 100ml
Jbl Krill 100ml
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Premium class krill flakes
• The main diet of the blue whale, krill oceans concentrated food.
• Rich in proteins, unsaturated fats and carotene.
• Special fine grinding process eliminates any danger of intestinal injury to freshwater fish from the sharp spines of these deep-sea shrimps.

Product description
JBL KRILL adds high-grade variety to the diet of all aquarium fish. In a special process, krill is finely ground and converted into flake feed which is readily consumed by all aquarium fish. As a result of this treatment, the spikes of all krill no longer pose any danger to the digestive tract of the fish. The essential unsaturated fatty acids, the natural colours o the ktill and vital vitamins guarantee healthy growth and enhance the brilliant colouring of the fish. Composition: Fish and fish by-products, molluscs and crustacea (20% krill), cereals, vegetable protein extracts, vegetables, yeast, dairy products, algae.
Staple feed – with E306 antioxidant (nat. Vit. E extracts)

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