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LPS Corals (Large Polyped Stony)

Large polyped stony corals make up a huge group of corals, many of which make excellent choices for the reef aquarium. Most of the species that we offer are more hardy than some of the sps corals and generally are happy with lower water flows and lower lighting levels in a marine aquarium. This makes them great choices for those just venturing into keeping hard corals.

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Acan Coral

From: €95.00

Alveopora coral

From: €75.00

Blastomussa Coral (Per Polyp)

From: €35.00

Brain Coral Favites

From: €45.00

Bubble Coral

From: €65.00

Button Coral

From: €95.00

Candy Cane Coral

From: €45.00

Chalice Coral

From: €65.00

Coral Frag


Crystal Coral (Per Polyp)

From: €55.00

Doughnut Coral

From: €135.00

Duncan Coral (Per Polyp)

From: €25.00

Elegance Coral

From: €95.00

Fox Coral

From: €85.00

Frogspawn Coral

From: €115.00

Green Branch Jewelpot

From: €65.00




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