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Miscellaneous Media

Model: 2628080
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Model: 4260119450714
Fauna Marin Skim Breeze is a special adsorbing granule used for purifying the air pulled-in by protein skimmers. Through skimmer air purification, your aquarium’s pH value will increase and become more stable. By reducing nutrients, algae growth is significantly reduced and coral growth is increase..
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Model: KZ065042
"High quality activated carbon especially developed for salt water tanks. You will see the difference significantly on your corals.Put it in a mesh bag in a passively flown filter bypass or in a nylon stocking on top of the ZEOvit® in the ZEOvit® filter. Rinse the carbon briefly with hot tap water b..
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Model: MaxspectAnaerobicCatalyst
Denitrification Catalyst for the Maxspect Anaerobic blocks x 5 Each catalyst is suitable for 2 months of bacterial production so this package will last 10 months...
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Model: MaxspectAnaerobicBlock
Efficiently removes nitrate from your aquarium Proprietary technology specifically designed to stimulate growth of anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria completes the nitrification cycle which breaks down nitrate into nitrogen gas, exporting nutrient From the aquarium. For freshwater and marine ..
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Model: MaxspectBioSpheres1kg
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Model: MaxspectBio-Spheres2kg
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Model: 6954636300871
Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Block are a new filter media for use in freshwater and marine water aquariums. With an ultra-high surface cross-cutting ratio and filtration area, each Bio-Block has up to 1,080 m² surface area for the establishment of bacterial colonies. With the use of stabilized microbial s..
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Model: DVH-Naf18
Filtersocks are the most effective and convenient form of mechanical filtration. They remove excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust, and other particulates. Removing these particulates from the water column will reduce the amount of organic matter that produces ammonia and other undesirable subs..
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Model: 4400246922443
The Nyos TORQ is an innovative high performance system reactor in a modular design for all types of filter media, such as active carbon, phosphate remover, zeolite and bio pellets...
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