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Marsilea Hirsuta In Vitro

Marsilea Hirsuta In Vitro
Marsilea Hirsuta In Vitro
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Marsilea hirsuta common name Dwarf Four Leaf Clover is a water fern from the family Marsileceae, it originates from Australia and can grow to height of 2 cm - 10 cm. M. hirsuta is a charming and intriguing plant that is normally sold with leaves like a four leaf clover. After some time under water the four leaf clover shape is replaced by various other leaf forms. The different forms it may produce while submerged are whole leaves similar to that of a large Glossostigma, it may also set leaves which are divided into two, three or four lobes of different colours and stature depending on the actual growth conditions. Runners are formed which spread swiftly round the aquarium.

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