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Model: SEN000227
Seneye Car Power The car power adaptor allows you use your seneye in data logging mode whilst on the move, it is ideal when you are moving any livestock, plants or coral on long journeys, especially for large koi or the odd shark, where ammonia spike can be a real issue. Before setting off on your j..
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Model: SEN886455001126
Seneye Cleaner This seneye cleaner replenishes old and tired looking kit to make it look like new. It is capable of removing even the hardest coralline algae and the hard mineral cake that can build up on kit. Using seneye cleaner is easy, just empty the non-toxic crystals provided into a glass of w..
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Model: SEN000228
Seneye Suction Cup & Back This pack contains a new black suction cup and black back cover. The only two parts on your seneye you can loose or replace...
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