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Overflow Boxes

UV (ultraviolet) Sterilizers is a germicidal filtration device used in aquariums and ponds to kill bacteria and parasites such as Ich or Cryptocaryon; as well as helping eradicate unwanted free floating algae. It is used in conjunction with your primary filtration system, resulting in clarification, lower disease pathogens, and improved Redox in your aquarium or pond. We carry all the major brands for instance JBL, D&D and Vecton

Model: UFC60
H2Ocean Ultraflow Weir Comb 60cm The H2Ocean UltraFlow weir employs horizontal and vertical drain slots allowing around 30-50% more water to flow through the slotted sections compared to a standard vertical overflow comb. - Adjustable glass runner for 6,8 and 10mm glass - Can be installed on glass..
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Model: 7710010
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Model: tunzeoverflow
Overflow for supplementary installation with surface and bottom suction up to about 1,200 l/h (317 USgal./h). No boreholes in the glass required, and thus it can be retro-fitted easily. Even after an interruption of the recirculation pump, it will continue to operate automatically. With additional U..
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Model: 1001.740
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Model: 1076/2
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