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Disinfectant and Cleaners

Friendly with the fish and plants but tough with the stains and algae, our biological cleaners will make your aquarium look brand new.

Model: RA50
Seahorse Aquariums presents D&D EZE-Clean.  D&D EZE-Clean is one of the most effective methods rapidly and effortlessly remove calcareous deposits from your saltwater equipment, giving it the appearance of looking like new. The powdered material mixes with ease with water producing an acid solution ..
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Model: IP1525
The Interpet Plastic Plant and Ornament Cleaner is suitable for all types of decor.As we all know plastic plants and aquarium ornaments eventually get a build up of algae, mineral and organic material deposits which can look unsightly and detract away from the appeal of the plant or ornament. This b..
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