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Containers & Traps

Our wide variety of containers and traps not only help to remove unwanted visitors such as pest, but also assist in separating fish when needed. Our selection also includes spawning boxes used to hold live-bearing fish and their young.

Model: AM-501.80
Remove fish from your aquarium. ]The Aqua Medic Fish Trap is ideal for trapping a single fish from an aquarium with extensive decoration, or when minimizing removal-stress is a primary concern. It can be very difficult to extract a particular fish from a reef system with live rock or an African cich..
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Model: 6431500
Spawning box for live-bearing fish Popular spawning box with 3 functions: 1. Single spawning box 2. double spawning box 3. rearing shelter...
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Model: 6432000
Large spawning box for live-bearing fish..
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Model: 6140100
"Snail Trap • Fights snail plagues without chemical device to catch water snails in the aquarium. • Gammarus shrimps for example make ideal bait. • Place in aquarium at night - wait - remove full of snails. • Also catches runaway house crickets, crickets and coackroaches. • L x W x H: 11,7 x 9 x 2,5..
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