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Profilux Dosing 3 Pump Unit

Profilux Dosing 3 Pump Unit
Profilux Dosing 3 Pump Unit
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  • Model: PL0711
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Independent dosing pump unit that doesn't need to be connected to a GHL Profilux Controller. Programming is simple using the menus and 6 Keys, all information is displayed in a Blue/White LCD screen which is self explanatory.

Simply enter the daily amount required, and the number of doses administered each day, or with the uses of timers the dose can be administered at a set time. A second dosing pump unit (without controller) can be connected to this unit allowing up to 8 dosing pumps to be operated from the one unit.


Flow rate approx: 60ml/minute each pump

Smallest dose: 1ml

Recommended max dosing amount per day approx: 40l

Image shows a 4 pump unit.


Units with less pumps are the same size and can be expanded to include 4 pumps.



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