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GHL Computers & Accessories

Let the computer monitor the parameters of your aquarium water and your lighting systems. We stock many major brands of computer parts and accessories from GHL, Profilux and Vortech.

Model: PL-0644
ActiveL splitter is an active distributor that allows you to connect four LED lights to your ProfiLux computer, with 1m cable and power supply...
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Model: pl-0345
THis unit will add an adition pump to the GHL dosing system. FO you have 1 to 3 pumps this unit fits into a spare slot adn then plugs on to the dosing computer board. Suitable for the stand along and also the Profilux controlled GHL dosing systems...
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Model: PL-0677
Powerbar 6D-PAB Digitale powerbar for ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB), for ProfiLux 3 (eX) only! The Powerbar 6D-PAB can only be operated with a ProfiLux 3 (eX)! All other powerbars can be used with ProfiLux II and ProfiLux 3-modells...
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Model: PL0711
Independent dosing pump unit that doesn't need to be connected to a GHL Profilux Controller. Programming is simple using the menus and 6 Keys, all information is displayed in a Blue/White LCD screen which is self explanatory. Simply enter the daily amount required, and the number of doses administer..
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Model: PL0705
This is the base model in the Profilux range. Base controller consists of: " 1 x L1/L2 - 1-10v control port - for control of up to two (via splitter) LED simulation lights or channels for dimmable lighting or Tunze controllable stream pumps. " 1 x L3/L4 - 1-10v control port - for control of up to..
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Model: PL-0082
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Model: PL-0078
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