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JBL Grana-Cichlid 100ml

JBL Grana-Cichlid 100ml
JBL Grana-Cichlid 100ml
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Premium granules for carnivorous cichlids
• Semi-buoyant granulate for medium-sized carnivorous cichlids.
• Meat consists exclusively of fish proteins.
• Ultra-heat processpreserves raw materials.

Product description
JBL GRANA Cichlid is a semi-buoyant granulate, rich in nutrients, suitable for cichlids and all other large aquarium fish. The granulate sinks in the water at differing rates so that fish in varying zones of water can be fed according to their needs. The high nutritious content and easy digestibility ensures that appetites of larger fish are quickly satisfied without unnecessary pollution of the water. Vital vitamins promote health and increase resilience. Feed several times a day in small portions which can be consumed within a few minutes. Staple feed; with E306 antioxidant (nat. vit. E extracts).

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