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Carpenters Flasher Wrasse - Medium

Carpenters Flasher Wrasse      - Medium
Carpenters Flasher Wrasse - Medium

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Care Level
Color / Form
Red, Orange, Yellow
Geographic Region
Philippines, indonessia
Max Size
12 cm
Reef Compatible
Tank Size
200 Lt.
Water Conditions
Fish:PH:8.1-8.4, Sg:1.020-1.02
General Information
Common Name Lyretail Flasher Wrasse
Family Labridae
Latin Name Parachelinus Angulatus

The Carpenters Flasher Wrasse, also known as the Carpenters Wrasse, or Redfin Flasher Wrasse, is orange with blue vertical stripes as a juvenile. As the fish matures and becomes an adult, the coloration becomes yellow with a series of broken blue horizontal stripes.

The dorsal fin features three elongated rays and is red in color accented with yellows and blues. The colors of the adult males intensify when in courtship, whereas the females coloration and overall appearance are more subdued. The females also do not feature the large dorsal and anal fins.

The Carpenters Flasher Wrasse requires a 150 litre or larger aquarium with a tight-fitting lid since it is a jumper. A grouping is acceptable and often recommended, since the females will encourage the male to perform colorful displays.

The females should be introduced into the tank first. It is often harassed by other fish so the Carpenters Flasher Wrasse should be the first species introduced into the aquarium. It is best to keep it with peaceful tank mates.

The Carpenters Flasher Wrasse diet should include vitamin enriched frozen mysis shrimp, vitamin enriched frozen brine shrimp, and other meaty foods along with a high quality marine flake and marine pellet food.

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