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Blau Lumina Hybrid 122

Blau Lumina Hybrid 122
Blau Lumina Hybrid 122
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The Blau Aquaristic Lumina Hybrid combines the best of the two technologies, LED and T5 fluorescents; the reliability of results of the T5 with savings and spectacular effect of LED. The design of the product is made of corrosion resistant special anodized aluminium which makes it highly durable.

Passive cooling for LED and active cooling by fans for T5, with two speed positions switch further enhance the functionality of the product. There are three ways that you can control the Blau Lumina Hybrid. The first is manually if you want to keep everything traditional and you are not a big fan of technology. The other two options are via aquarium computer or via your PC if you enjoy automated processes.

60º or 90º secondary removable LED lenses, the Lumina Hybrid comes with two hanging options. Either by using the supplied stainless wire or holding in the aquarium by the Lumina’s Stand Set – (please note that the Lumina Hybrid doesn’t come with the Lumina Stand).

Blau Lumina Hybrid has an attractive, contemporary and functional design which makes it the ideal equipment for your aquarium.

Free software controller included.


No of LED module rows: 1

No of T5 fluorescents: 4 x 54w

LED power: 96w

Total max power: 312w

Dimensions: 122.6 x 33.5 x 4.5cm

Aquarium: 300-440ltr

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