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Black Ribbon Eel - Small

Black Ribbon Eel - Small
Black Ribbon Eel - Small
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Care Level
Color / Form
Geographic Region
Indo Pacific
Max Size
20 cm
Reef Compatible
Yes with caution
Tank Size
200 Lt.
Water Conditions
Fish:PH:8.1-8.4, Sg:1.020-1.02
General Information
Common Name Green Coris, Pastel Green Wras
Family Labridae
Latin Name Halichoerus Chloropterus

The Black Ribbon Eel seen above is a juvenile. The Blue Ribbon Eel is bright blue with a yellow mouth and is the adult color of a mature male black ribbon eel. A female Ribbon Eel is yellow.

These eels are only recommended for experienced aquarists!

These are probably the hardest eel to keep since they can be finicky eaters, often refusing food.

The Ribbon Eel, Black Ribbon Eel, Blue Ribbon Eel should only be kept by very experience marine enthusiats as they are extremely difficult to acclimate to captivity. Getting it started feeding on ghost shrimp help to acclimate the eel to the aquarium. After this it may start eating defrosted lance fish. You must make sure that the eel is always eating.

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