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Black Kuhlii Loach - Small

Black Kuhlii Loach - Small
Black Kuhlii Loach - Small

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Care Level
Color / Form
Black, Tan, White
Geographic Region
India, Captive Bred, Malaysia
Max Size
Tank Size
100 Lt.
Water Conditions
PH:6.0-7.5, KH 8-12, 22°C-30°C
General Information
Family Cobitidae
Latin Name Botia sidthimunki

The Black Kuhlii Loach is one of about 100 species in the Cobitidae family. Loaches are bottom dwelling scavengers with reduced or absent scales and a mouth surrounded by barbels used to taste.

At times, the loach will lie on its side when there are insufficient hiding places, giving the impression that it is sick; this behaviour is normal. Largely nocturnal, loaches are shy fish that like to hide among driftwood, plant roots, rocks, and caves.

Loaches are peaceful fish that get along well with other peaceful community tank mates. Unfortunately, the breeding habits of the Black Kuhlii Loach have not been documented.

Although it is a scavenger, Pangio semicinctus is largely carnivorous, preferring freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex, as well as frozen and live foods of all types.

With time and training, the Black Kuhlii Loach may accept flake foods.

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