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JBL ProFlora Bio160

JBL ProFlora Bio160
JBL ProFlora Bio160
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JBL ProFlora Bio 160
Bio CO2 Fertiliser System for strong, healthy and beautiful aquarium plants - CO2 for fertilising the natural way.
- CO2 production from biological fermentation process of natural components.
- No pressurised gas cylinder needed
High Yield
- Steady production of CO2 for 80 days due to balanced immediate and long-term buffer system in the components.
- JBL Proflora Taifun S CO2 diffuser for visible and efficient diffusion of CO2
- Specially insulated CO2 hose JBL ProFlora T3.
- Diffuser container with thermo-mantle
- 2 x easy to use refill set ProFlora Bio Refill
- CO2 diffuser JBL Proflora Taifun S
- CO2 hose JBL ProFlora T3
- Safety valve JBL ProFlora Safe Stop

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