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AquaOne Aquariums

AquaOne has landed at Seahorse Aquariums. Give your fish a natural habitat in which to thrive with the range of Aqua One aquariums and fish tanks from the Australian company Kongs. Designed with the wellbeing of fish in mind. Aqua One believe the designer first and foremost must consider the well being of the fish by creating an aquarium system which provides as close as possible a natural equilibrium in which aquatic life can thrive. Secondly, but equally important, the aesthetics should ensure the aquarium becomes a centre piece in any living room, a piece of furniture you will be proud to own. With many models in the Aqua One aquarium range you're sure to find something to suit your home, your budget and fish keeping needs.

Brand: AquaOne Model: 56161
Specifications: Aquarium Model: AquaNano 30 Volume In Litres: 22 Dimensions: 30W x 30D x 30H cm Glass Thickness: 4mm Cabinet Model: We recommend Inspire 32 Cabinet Colour: Oak/Gloss White, or Walnut/Gloss Black* Cabinet Dimensions: 32W x 32D x 70H cm* Heater: 25W Lighting:..
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Brand: AquaOne Model: 56162
Specifications: Aquarium Model: AquaNano 40 Volume In Litres: 55 Dimensions: 40W x 40D x 40H cm Glass Thickness: 4mm Cabinet Model: Inspire 40 Cabinet Colour: Napa Oak or Grey Arizona Oak Cabinet Dimensions: 40W x 40D x 75Hcm Heater: 55W Lighting: LED Filtration: Multi ..
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Brand: AquaOne Model: 56163
Specifications: Aquarium Model: AquaNano 60 Volume In Litres: 100 Dimensions: 60W x 40D x 44H cm Glass Thickness: 6mm Cabinet Model: Inspire 60 Cabinet Colour: Walnut/Gloss Black, or Napa Oak, or White Cabinet Dimensions: 60W x 40D x 75H cm Heater: 150W Lighting: LED Fi..
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