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Aponogeton boivinianus Bulb

Aponogeton boivinianus Bulb
Aponogeton boivinianus Bulb
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Aponogeton boivinianus is a bulb plant which originates from Madagascar. A. boivinianus can grow to a height of 30 cm plus. In its native habitat it is found in fast flowing water and prefers an aquaria with some form of a flow or movement in the water. It is important to note that A. boivinianus can require a rest period once a year therefore it is recommended to keep it in a pot so that the plant can be easily removed from the tank. Store the tuber in a cool and dry place for a couple of months before replanting it into the aquarium. Prefers nutrient rich substrate. Under developed leaves are brownish in colour, young leaves are bright green in colour and older leaves are dark green in colour.

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