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Albino Tiger Oscar - Small

Albino Tiger Oscar - Small
Albino Tiger Oscar - Small
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Care Level
Color / Form
Brown, Yellow
Geographic Region
South America
Max Size
Tank Size
150 Lt.
Water Conditions
PH:6.5-7.0, KH 8-10, 23°C-26°C
General Information
Family Loricariidae
Latin Name Baryancistrus sp

The Albino Tiger Oscar is a stunning albino variety of the extremely popular Tiger Oscar. Irregular blotches or spattering of orange-red energize an opaque, cream-white body to dramatic effect.

The eye-catching Albino Tiger Oscar is so visually dissimilar to the normally dark coloured Tiger Oscar that it instantly becomes the centre of attention and a topic of conversation.

The Albino Tiger Oscar requires a large, well-filtered aquarium of at least 200 litres with a deep sand bottom and a few large rocks. It will dig up plants so any that are in the tank should be potted with the root surfaces covered with rocks.

Using floating plants is a good alternative. The Albino Tiger Oscars is not as territorial as most other cichlids when full grown but will consume anything they can fit into their mouths.

Though this hardy and easy-to-care-for cichlid is generally mild-mannered in nature, the Albino Tiger Oscar is best kept in a species tanks or with similar size tank mates.

A large tank should be used for breeding, if possible, as large as 400 litres. The Albino Tiger Oscar will spawn in soft or hard water as long as it is clean and clear and has a temperature between 26-30°C. The Albino Tiger Oscar will pair to form a nuclear family.

The female will then lay between 1,000-2,000 eggs on rocks that have been carefully cleaned. The eggs are opaque at first, turning transparent in 24 hours. The brood will be carefully guarded and cared for and the fry will be kept in pits and may even be covered

When they are free-swimming, the fry should be fed Cyclops. Sometimes the fry will cling to their parents. The male and female are difficult to differentiate but during spawning the genital papilla of the female becomes noticeable.

The Albino Tiger Oscar is a predatory carnivore with a hearty appetite. Oscars will eat a variety of meaty foods, including small fish and earthworms, Cichlid pellets, larger flake food, ocean plankton, bloodworms, and tubifex worms.

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