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Albino African Frog

Albino African Frog
Albino African Frog

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Care Level
Color / Form
Black, White
Geographic Region
Max Size
Tank Size
200 Lt.
Water Conditions
PH:6.0-7.0, KH 0-10, 23°C-30°C
General Information
Family Mormyridae
Latin Name Gnathonemus petersii
The Albino Dwarf African Frog is a delightful amphibian thats making a splash among hobbyists. As a true aquatic species, the Albino Dwarf African Frog makes a unique addition to the peaceful freshwater community aquarium. However, the Albino Dwarf African Frog is easier to care for and best observed when housed in its very own aquarium. As its name suggests, the Albino Dwarf African Frog is a very diminutive animal that can easily become prey if kept with large fish. This docile frog is slow and meticulous in its movement and feeding behaviour. It is not uncommon for faster, more agile fish to consume all the food intended for the Dwarf African Frog. The Albino Dwarf African Frog should be housed in an established aquarium no smaller than 25 litres in size. The ideal setup should be aquascaped using soft or smooth substrate and lots live plants, driftwood and rocks to provide ample places for the Dwarf African Frog to seek shelter or explore. Artificial or silk-like plants are also a great choice. A tightly-fitting cover is required to prevent unwanted escape. Slightly lower the water level below the aquarium rim for added protection against escape. A well-filter aquarium with stable water temperature is essential for the health of your Dwarf African Frog. Since the Dwarf African Frog is mainly active at night, subdue or filtered lighting provides ideal daytime lighting conditions. The Albino Dwarf African Frog is social in nature and will appreciate the company of other Dwarf African Frogs. A small group consisting of at least three Dwarf African Frogs creates a lively and entertaining setup. The Albino Dwarf African Frog is a carnivore that requires meaty foods such and frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and brine shrimp.

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