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Air Accessories

We have the all the accessories you would need to provide the most efficient method to supply your aquarium with the perfect aeration system. 2 Way Gang Valves, Flexible transparent hose, Airline Suction Clips, Silicone tube hose are all available.

Model: ALA68
Valve for splitting airline feeds..
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Model: ALB93
Airline Clips and Suction Cups for 6mm airline, pack of 3. Airline Clips and Suction Cups can be used in conjunction with airline connectors (straight, elbow and "T" pieces) for various applications and to help keep your aquarium airline neat and tidy...
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Model: AV022
Easily and efficiencly regulate the flow of air from your air pump with the Betta Aitline Clamps. Ideal for standard 6mm airline...
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Model: 7780034
Blau Silicone Air Tube 2m High quality silicone tubing used to connect your air pump to an airstone or protein skimmer, also suitable for air pumps with ozone...
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Model: 7790047
Seahorse Aquariums presents the Air Tube Holder. The Air Tube Holder helps you avoid your air tube choking leading to low oxygen levels. This  helps put your mind at ease knowing your air tube is choke free. ..
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Model: 6112000
"200 meters on reel, transparent grey, flexible hose"..
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Model: 2801600
"Keeps the airstone in garden ponds at the right level • A clever accessory for every air stone in a garden pond. • The floater solves the following problem: without this floater the air stone will lie on the ground of the pond and thus mix the different water layers which is highly undesirable. • D..
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Model: 6431800
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