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300w Inline Canister Heater

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1) What is ETH?
ETH is the first and only heater to function outside the water, thus guaranteeing a regular, well distributed temperature, controlled by an electronic circuit. ETH means also complete safety and no more power cords or accessories to spoil the look of your aquarium!


2) How does ETH work?

ETH is connected to the outlet hose of any kind of external canister filter. The water already filtered is pumped towards the tank through the heater activating a dynamic transfer of heat, thus ensuring a constant, well distributed temperature.


3) How many versions of ETH are there?

ETH is available in two versions.

a) - ETH 200 with a heating power of 200W is recommended for aquariums with a maximum capacity of 200 litres (53 gal). ETH 200 can be connected to hoses with a diameter of 12 mm (1/2”).

b) - ETH 300 with a heating power of 300W is recommended for aquariums with a maximum capacity of 300 litres (80 gal). ETH 300 can be connected to hoses with a diameter of 16 mm (5/8”).


4) Can ETH be used only with HYDOR external canister filters?

ETH is compatible with all external canister filters existing on the market, which have outlet hoses with a diameter of 12 mm (1/2”) and 16 mm (5/8”). ETH is an important element for the heating of aquariums equipped with external canister filters because, as well as guaranteeing a good distribution and constancy of the temperature, the speed at which it heats is superior to what can be reached by a traditional immersion heater.


Another very interesting application of ETH in aquariums equipped with technical tank or percolator, where ETH connected to a pump could be placed on the return line of the water to the tank.


5)tyle:"> Does ETH work both with fresh water and salt water?

ETH works both in fresh water and in salt water.


6) Is ETH a safe heater?

ETH is one of the safest heaters on the market because it works outside the aquarium, therefore there are no electrical parts or glass tubes immersed in the water. It is equipped with a double seal and double electrical insulation. It is built with highly resistant anti-shock materials and is protected against spray. The heating element is made up of the patented PTC system. In the cases of lack of water the PTC system, controlled by an electronic circuit, limits the increase in temperature automatically, thus limiting the possibility of breakage or damage. ETH was planned to achieve all those certifications regarding the regulations on safety all over the world. ETH has received UL/cUL certification both from the United States and from Canada as well as the MITI certification of Japan and the TUV/gs certification.


7) What happens if the external canister filter doesn’t work properly causing a reduction or blockage in the recycling of the water?

Where the flow of water is reduced or absent, the special ETH heating system, made up of a PTC element and an electronic temperature control system, limits the increase of the temperature thus avoiding damage to the apparatus itself and to the aquarium.


8) What precautions are necessary when you are installing ETH?

ETH must be installed outside the aquarium by cutting the outlet hose of the external canister filter and connecting the two parts to the inlet and to the outlet connectors of the heater. It is not necessary to install the product at any particular angle, however, you must pay attention to direct the arrow printed on the body of the heater in the same direction as the flow of water.


9) How should ETH be placed?

ETH can be installed in a vertical position. It is also equipped with an eyelet which enables you to hook the apparatus to a support for better p

Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5 stars

5 stars title= Great heater, 29th Apr 2016

Reviewer: Daniel Mccabe

I bought this heater and I wish all my aquariums could have one it is so affective at heating that you can be sure that your aquarium is at its right temperature . it distributes heat as the water passes though it rather than over it like most common glass heaters so it distributes the heat evenly throughout your aquariums which results in faster heating and no temperature drops

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