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Triton Detox 100 ml 8358

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    Having a high concentration of heavy metals in our reef tanks is definitely not a good sign. The Triton Detox 100ml will be your best friend when you have to remove excessive heavy metals, especially copper.

    So what you have to do is add Triton Detox in your aquarium and it will bind all the heavy metals ready to be exported through activated carbon. Prior to using the product please remove any carbon/ozone from your tank.

    Run the Detox for three days to allow the product effectively bind all the heavy metals and after that reintroduce the carbon in your tank for seven days, then change the carbon again and ... voila!

    During the first three days of using the Triton Detox, the water will turn brown-ish. This is absolutely normal and it’s harmless to the corals. After adding the fresh carbon, the water will get clear again and the heavy metals will be captured by the carbon.

    Please only use this product, once an excessive amount of heavy metals has been detected through the Triton Laboratory and the Triton ICP-OES results will indicate the specific dosage needed.


    All Triton products have been tested by our dedicated team to ensure high quality and consistency in results.

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