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Synodontis Decorus Catfish

Please call in-store before purchasing any livestock (including corals and plants), as we may or may not have them in stock depending on availability and season. Please note that prices may vary depending on the available sizes and specific species in-store.

(Synodontis decorus)


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This item is currently not available for mail order/ web sales. We suggest calling our store to verify availability before visiting.


The Synodontis Decorus Catfish, also known as the Decorus Catfish or Decorated Synodontis, is known scientifically as Synodontis decorus, S. vittatus, and S. labeo.

It is a member of the naked catfish group. A 200 litre or larger aquarium with a warm, stable temperature, and plenty of rocks and plants is a suitable environment. The Synodontis Decorus Catfish is a very peaceful tank member and appreciates having several hiding places.

It co-exists well with larger Tetras and most African Cichlids similar in size. When netting, one must be very careful of the spines on the pectoral fins which have serrated edges.

These can become easily entangled in netting and may cause injury to the fish or hobbyist. Currently, the Synodontis Decorus Catfish is not being successfully bred in the aquarium.

Synodontis Catfish are omnivores and should be offered sinking catfish pellets, freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex, and a good quality flake food.

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