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OA Start Up Kit 100-250 liters

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Organic Aqua Bacteria Water Conditioner for Instant, Hassle Free Fishkeeping

Organic Aqua Start-up kit. This allows you to stock your new aquarium immediately with your full fish load once you have the water up to the correct tempature and the filter running.

Why is Organic Aqua right for me?

  • The Organic Aqua Start-up Kit (Step 1) allows the user to add fish to their new aquarium immediatley without the inconvenience or waiting 2 weeks or more for the tank to mature and grow the required bacteria to break down the fish waste.

  • The Organic Aqua Maintenance Kit (Step 2) allows for a small water change once per month reducing the time and energy required to maintain a traditional system.

  • Included in all kits is our OA Health treatment, designed to work with your fish's immune system. This supplement is effective in boosting your fish's ability to ward off disease and infection (particulary whitespot), keeping them healthy and happy.

  • All OA products are natural and contain no chemicals

  • The OA system helps you maintain the condition and appearence of your aquarium at all times. "It's easier to maintain a clean aquarium than to clean a dirty one!"
  • How does Organic Aqua Work?

    Organic Aqua comprises of three products;

    BBAC - This bacterial supplement is added to the water releasing millions of microscopic bacteria. These quickly colonise the water in your new tank and feed on the waste that your fish produce, transforming it to a harmless gas that leaves through the top of your tank. BBAC also helps break down any chlorine and heavy metals in the water saving you on buying a separate dechlorinator.

    General Treatment - This is a liquid made from unique plant extracts that is added to the tank every week. General Treatment reacts with the water, allowing it to retain up to 80% more oxygen than normal. This is important as the bacteria in the BBAC need this level of oxygen in the water so they can live and thrive. In traditional systems, similar bacteria colonise the filter which takes a long time but in an OA tank this is designed to happen instantly so you can enjoy the benefit of adding fish immediately to your new aquarium.

    Health Treatment - This appears as a white powder and is made up of a special selection of minerals and parts of carefully cultivated plants. Health Treatment works in a complementary way with your fish’s immune system so helps stop your fish from becoming sick. It is also useful at helping fish recover from most common ailments as well as aiding recovery of fish that have been attacked or have come to some similar harm.

These innovative organic treatments are made from carefully selected, non-toxic plant materials, which have been intensely researched since 1977. Organic Aqua have been working together with Universities and Laboratories to harness the hidden perfection in nature and successfully implement a technology, effective in creating a natural, well balanced equilibrium in a closed system such as your aquarium.

See what the Irish Fishkeepers Forum is saying about OA on the Irish Fish Forums here.

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