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Naso Tang

Please call in-store before purchasing any livestock (including corals and plants), as we may or may not have them in stock depending on availability and season. Please note that prices may vary depending on the available sizes and specific species in-store.

(Naso literatus)

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This item is currently not available for mail order/ web sales. We suggest calling our store to verify availability before visiting.


The Naso Tang is a friendly and familiar addition to a peaceful community aquarium, reef, or fish only system. This fish does best in large aquariums where there is ample swimming space. It was originally believed that the Naso, Blonde Naso and Streamer versions were all different species, but this is not the case.

The Blonde is a color variant and the streamers indicate that the fish is male. This fish grows quite quickly and should not be kept in an aquarium shorter than at least 4 feet in length! Usually not aggressive toward tankmates, this fish may fight with members of it’s own species. Will prefer to school with other Naso Tangs as juveniles, but will prefer to be alone as an adult.

Diet: In the wild, Tangs spend their entire day swimming around on the reef in search of marine algae and meaty bits of food they can find. It is recommended to feed dried marine algae (Nori), Spirulina Flakes, and frozen mysis shrimp.

Tangs quite easily adjust to captive diets and will eventually eat flake and pellet foods as well. It is recommended to soak flake food in some type of vitamin supplement like Selcon or a garlic supplement in order to help the fish fight off any possible parasite infestation and offer balanced nutrition. The more you feed a tang, the faster it will attain it’s adult size.

Naso Tangs with streamers are usually males. Streamers can begin to show when the fish is in the range of 6” – 9” in size. It is impossible to determine the sex of a Naso tang prior to the tail streamers showing. The only way to ensure the purchase of a male is to order a XX-Naso Male, with Streamers.

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