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Microbe-lift Herbtana 473ml

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100% Natural Expellant for Parasitic Diseases


Provides a chemical-free treatment effective against these parasitic diseases:

• White Spot (Ich)

• Costia

• Flukes (gill & skin)

• Trichodina

• Chilodonella

• Oodinium


4 fl. oz. Treats 59 gal. (223 L) for 10 days

8 fl. oz. Treats 118 gal. (447 L) for 10 days

16 fl. oz. Treats 236 gal. (893 L) for 10 days

64 fl. oz. Treats 947 gal. (3,585 L) for 10 days


Shake Well Before Using



is a unique, herbal, immune-enhancing stimulant, which reduces: skin flukes, gill flukes, Ich, Oodinium, Costia, Chilodonella and Trichodina. Parasitic infections are characterized by symptoms, such as: milky skin, flashing and heavy breathing.


Parasites are generally present on most fish at very low levels at all times. These are naturally controlled by the fish’s immune system. When stress levels increase, the ability of the immune system to respond to its requirement to control the natural level of parasites is directly affected. This poor response allows parasites to increase in numbers, thus causing any of the serious above mentioned health issues in the host fish.



supports the fish’s immune system, driving off the excess parasites. Since they cannot return to the fish during treatment, the majority of the parasites will starve without a host.


This product is intended for use with all ornamental and aquarium fish only, and may not be used for fish intended for human consumption.

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