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JBL pH-Minus 100ml

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pH- / KH- reducer • Phosphate-free preparation to safely reduce the pH level. Any pH influence should be tested with a pH test. • With natural oak extract. • Before use the KH should be checked and adjusted to 4 - 8° GKH. (with JBL AquaDur plus) • To check the lime content of stones (add a few drops of pH-Minus to the stone: the development of foam indicates lime Product description The best possible pH value for keeping most freshwater fish and plantes is the neutral range around 7. JBL pH-Minus lowers excessively high pH values in your aquarium and promotes fish health via added natural oak extract. Avoid any contact with eyes and mucous membranes. In the event of inadvertent contact, rinse with copious quantities of water. Keep out of reach of children. Problem solutions The pH-level indicates the acidity of the water. The higher the pH-level, the less acid is in the water, the proportion of alkali is higher (the opposite of acids). The lower the pH-level, the more acid the water contains. In aquariums and ponds the following levels are desirable. Community aquariums: pH: 6,5 - 7,5 Ponds: pH: 6,5-7,5 Lake Malawi and Tanganyika aquariums: pH: 7,5-8,5 Saltwater (marine) aquariums: pH: If the pH-level is above the levels given, it should be gradually reduced. Before the pH-level is reduced, the pH-stability of the water must be checked! In order to do this, the carbonate hardness should be measured. In freshwater it should be between 4° and 10° German carbonate hardness (GCH) and in saltwater between 7° and 12° GCH. If the CH is below the levels mentioned, the pH-level is not stabilised and any alteration in the pH-level may lead to a sudden plunge in the CH! Instructions on how to adjust CH levels are given in the CH test. The pH-level in the freshwater aquarium can be reduced by: 1. The addition of JBL pH-Minus (pH-reducer) 2. The addition of CO2 (JBL Proflora CO2-System) 3. Filtering through JBL Tormec (black turf granulate) The pH-level in the garden pond can be reduced by: 1. The addition of JBL Acilon (pH-reducer) 2. Filtering through JBL HumoPond

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