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JBL Freshwater Test Kit

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"Professional test kit for freshwater analysis
• 2 x pH 3.0 - 10, pH 6.0 - 7.6, CO2 tables, 2 x GH, 2 x KH, phosphate PO4, ammonium NH4, 2 x nitrite NO2, nitrate NO3, iron Fe.
• Waterproof plastic case containing 11 glass cuvettes.
• Contains tables for recording results.
• Includes syringe to measure amount of water.
• Including two syringes for easy and accurate measuring of water volumes.
Product description
JBL Testlab: Professional testlab for precise analysis of all important values in your aquarium.
For more information about every single test please see our appropriate product information.

JBL pH Test-Set 3,0-10,0
JBL pH Test-Set 6,0-7,6
JBL Phosphate Test-Set PO4
JBL Ammonium Test-Set NH4
JBL Nitrite Test-Set NO2
JBL Nitrate Test-Set NO3
JBL Iron Test-Set Fe
Please observe the valid safety and caution notices on the packing and/or the enclosed instructions or reagent labels.
Press Release
JBL offers an optimised test lab
The top-selling JBL Test Case has been substantially altered: all JBL test reagents (individual test sets, too) now have child-proof closures. This is not only interesting for households with children, as the opportunity was taken to improve the composition of the reagents at the same time. With the new child-proof closures, the concentration of the contents could be adjusted or increased. As a result, the tests now give extremely precise results and are on the same level of exactitude as scientific droplet tests.
No changes have been made to the pen, analysis sheet, thermometer and the multiple stocking with frequently used reagents.
Conclusion: A water analysis case for professional aquarium keepers and pond owners!

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