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JBL ProFlora u403 CO2 System

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CO2 fertilizer system with 500 g disposable cylinder and pH control instrument • Complete system with: 500 g CO2 cylinder, pressure regulator, pH control instrument, CO2 diffusion reactor JBL Taifun 190 mm, 2 meter CO2 special hose, CO2 non-return valve, CH Test. • With pH control instrument (JBL pH Control), which automatically regulates CO2 supply and adjusts to the pH level selected (incl. calibration solution but without pH electrode!). • 110 - 240V; 50 - 60Hz • Professional pressure regulator with pre-set working pressure (= no adjustment required, but possible if required) and 2 pressure gauges displaying the residual pressure in the cylinder and the working pressure set (can be adapted to multiple use system). • The system is ready to use and designed for aquariums from 50 to 400 litres. • With JBL Ferropol (liquid fertilizer) and JBL Ferropol 24 (daily fertilizer). Press release New from JBL: A revolutionary CO2 system, never seen before! The new JBL ProFlora CO2 systems meet all the wishes of aquarium enthusiasts and the specialist trade: 1. Finally a CO2 system which can be converted from disposable cylinders (u-system) to refillable cylinders (m-system) in just seconds. So, in the holiday season, aquarium enthusiasts can quickly set up disposable reserve cylinders for whoever is looking after their aquarium while they are away. 2. Extendable CO2 diffuser JBL Taifun: whenever more CO2 is needed, whether due to denser planting, a larger aquarium or because a lower pH level is required: the JBL Taifun can be easily extended at very little cost. So there’s simply no need to buy a new bigger diffuser. 3. Complete solution: liquid fertilizer (JBL Ferropol) and daily fertilizer (JBL Ferropol 24) are already included with any JBL ProFlora CO2 u or m system purchased. CO2 alone is not sufficient for luxuriant plant growth. 4. New pressure regulator JBL ProFlora u001/m001: in addition to the new feature that this pressure regulator now fits disposable as well as refillable cylinders (only dismantle or remove one locking nut), the pre-set operatin

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