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JBL Power Clean 500ml D/GB

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Cleaner for CO2 diffuser and aquarium decoration
• 500 ml concentrate for 1000 ml cleaning solution mixture.
• Cleans CO2 diffusor, decorations, heaters etc. thoroughly.
• Completely removes beard algae.
• Not suitable for use on plants and other living organisms.

Product description
For the thorough cleaning of CO2 reactors, decorative objects, heaters etc. Particularly suitable for the complete removal of undesirable brown algae. Self-cleansing action, overnight.
The bottle contains a concentrate and is therefore only half full. Fill the bottle with tap water to obtain a ready-to-use cleaning solution. Use a suitable container (not metal) and pour cleaning solution over the soiled reactor or other objects and leave to stand over night. Then rinse the clean articles thoroughly in tap water. The cleaning solution may be used several times depending on the amount of dirt.
Dip porous objects (stones, ceramics, etc.) briefly into the solution and brush off, repeat if necessary. Before re-use, rinse for 3 days in tap water and change the water daily.
Not suitable for use on natural decorative roots, plants and other living organisms!
Warning and safety instructions:
Contains sodium hypochlorite solution
P 35: causes serious burns.
Safety instructions:
P1/2:Store in a locked place out of the reach of children.
P26: In the case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water and consult a doctor
P37/39: Suitable protective gloves and protective goggles/face mask to be worn when handling the solution.
P45: In case of nausea, consult a doctor immediately (show this label if possible)

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