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JBL Koi maxi 5,5l

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"Koi pellets for large Koi (over 30 cm) • High-grade food pearls with 10 % high-protein spirulina algae. • Unsaturated fatty acids and carotenoids yield well-balanced growth and brilliant colours. • Essential vitamins and stabilised vitamin C enhance the resistance to diseases. • With adjusted protein-fat ratio of 4:1 Product description The nutrient content and shape of JBL Koi Maxi is designed to specifically meet the feeding requirements of tall koi in garden ponds. High grade vegetable and animal raw materials, as well as plant fibre and vital vitamins guarantee healthy growth, enhance the natural brilliant colouring and increase resistance to disease. Composition: Fish and fish by-products, cereals, plant by-products, algae. Feeding tips: In warm weather, give as many JBL Koi Maxi as the fish can consume in about ten minutes once or twice a day. Add variety to the diet of your koi with JBL Pond Sticks, JBL Pond Natur and JBL Pond Coloron. Fish need more ernergy in spring and autummn when water temperatures drop below 15°C. At such times we recommend feeding with JBL Pond Energil. Staple food with E 306 antioxidant (nat. Vit. E extracts). "

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